Beginning to blog

Today I created this blog, YGG, as a platform to express my thoughts and share examples of women being just that: women. From the boss a** bi*** to the girl on the playground standing up to the bully, there are strong women all around making this world better and more equal for women. They are seizing opportunities, living life to the full and deserve to be recognized and applauded.

I am passionate about women’s rights and women’s empowerment and find myself in my free time reading books and articles, listening to music, watching movies, and having discussions about these things. This is an extensive topic, so I can’t cover everything in this blog, but I hope this will serve as a starting point or sounding board for others who have similar interests. For much of history women have been discriminated against or suffered under patriarchy, but I see evidence of change and hope for greater change. In this blog I hope to discuss examples of change and examples of women who are strong in so many different fields, united by the fact that when I see them and what they are doing, all I want to say is YGG.


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