First, watch the trailer above. This week Disney released their first teaser trailer for the new Beauty and the Beast movie featuring Emma Watson as Belle. This is a huge tease since the movie does not come out until 3.17.17, and alas out waiting continues. However, this trailer reminded me of all the reasons Belle is my favorite princess and has been since I first watched the animated Beauty and the Beast when I was 18 months old. Here are the reasons I have a major #girlcrush on Belle.

  1. Belle loves to read. She constantly has her nose in a book and is learning new things. I would certainly classify her as an intellectual princess.
  2. Belle does not settle. Throughout the movie Gaston harasses Belle, trying to get her to marry him. However, Belle will have none of it. Despite the fact that others girls in the town swoon over him at all times, she is not deceived by his good looks or charm. She sees that he is misogynistic and calls him out. At one point he says, “It’s not right for a woman to read. Soon she starts getting ideas, thinking…” Belle is not about men who act and think like that.
  3. Belle respects her father. When the rest of the town is mocking her father, Belle stands up for him and believes in him and his inventions.
  4. Belle puts others ahead of herself. When her father is sick and imprisoned by the Beast, she readily offers her own life in sacrifice. Even though this means she will lose her freedom and her chance at having friends and a family, she puts her father ahead of herself.
  5. Belle is kind. Belle is kind to all the others that live in the castle, quickly becoming friends with Mrs. Potts, Chip, Cogsworth and Lumiere. She plays in the snow with the Beast and dresses his wounds after he is attacked by wolves. She demonstrates true kindness throughout the whole movie.
  6. Belle is not a shrinking violet. She speaks her mind and stands up for herself when the Beast is being mean. He yells at her and she puts him right back in his place.

YGG, Belle. You put all the other boy-crazy princesses to shame. You are a role model in terms of Disney characters. I’m already looking forward to 3.17.17 to see the live action version of this story and this strong female princess.


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